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Best 10 Disposable Face Mask Reviews 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, wearing a face mask has now become mandatory in most public places.

Although it is possible to buy re-usable and washable face masks, the convenience of a disposable face mask appeals to many and can sometimes be more appropriate to use.

As such, it is important to be sure you are purchasing disposable face masks that can keep you protected and comfortable, that fit correctly but also allow thin beneath to breath and not block pores.

Here is a quick guide to the best 10 disposable face masks for 2021.


1. Omnitex

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Masks Per Pack: 50 | Medical Grade: Yes | Colour: Blue | Latex Free: Yes | Layers: 3

  • Omnitex offers surgical grade masks that are made in Britain and have assurance of high quality.
  • They are completely latex free as well as nickel, cadmium and fibreglass free.
  • All masks are 3ply layered to adhere to CE certified thickness.
  • Available in 50 unit packs so can be expensive.

These medical grade masks are suitable for wear in discouraging transmission of Covid-19 and are completely disposable, however they are also a more expensive option than some others that are currently on the market.



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Masks Per Pack: 50-100 | Medical Grade: No| Colour: Blue/Black | Latex Free: No| Layers: 3

  • Easy to wear, fit flexibly over ears
  • Ideal for disposable use
  • Available in either 50 or 100 units
  • Not medical grade

These masks are available as either a 50 or 100 unit pack and are comfortable and easy to wear, simply slip the ear loops across each ear for breathable wear. Unfortunately, these masks are not medical grade and therefore will not actually stop any virus transmission.


3. Harley Street Care Disposable

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Masks Per Pack: 50 | Medical Grade: Yes | Colour: Blue/Pink/Black | Latex Free: Yes | Layers: 3

  • Medical grade mask.
  • 50 unit packs.
  • 3 colour options to choose from.
  • One size fits all mask.

The Harley Street Care disposable masks are medical grade and as such can be used in beauty salons, food preparation environments as well as for medical use and to protect against Covid-19 transmission. They arrive in sealed packaging so you can be sure there has been no cross contamination.

However, as they are one size fits all, they may be too large for some wearers.


4. LundyBright

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Masks Per Pack: 50 | Medical Grade: Yes | Colour: Blue | Latex Free: Yes | Layers: 3

  • 50 unit pack.
  • Hypoallergenic so particularly suitable for those with more sensitive skin.
  • French brand.
  • Ships from China.

LundyBright offers medical grade masks with the added bonus of being hypoallergenic, so if you have more sensitive skin or suffer with ‘maskne’, these may be the best masks for you.

They are a high quality French brand, however these masks ship from China, so may take longer to arrive than some others.


5. 1Above

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Masks Per Pack: 50 | Medical Grade: Yes | Colour: Blue/Pink/Black | Latex Free: Yes | Layers: 3

  • Adjustable clip for nose and elasticated ear loops.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Packs sometimes arrive damaged.

These masks from 1Above offer a high level of filtration and are good for wearing one a day as they are easy to adjust and breathable.

This makes them also a good choice for those with sensitive skin.

However, despite their good specifications, some customers have reported that their packages have arrived damaged which could lead to contamination of the masks.


6. BroadTech

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Masks Per Pack: 50 | Medical Grade: Yes | Colour: Blue | Latex Free: Yes | Layers: 3

  • CE certified quality masks.
  • Masks sealed in individual bags of 10 masks per bag.
  • 95% filtration efficiency.
  • Colourful tie-dye print.

The BroadTech masks are high quality medical grade certified masks have a 95% bacterial and particle filtration and are packaged in sealed bags of 10 masks per bag for added peace of mind when it comes to cross contamination.

However, their colourful design may be off-putting for some.


7. Merrimen

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Masks Per Pack: 50 | Medical Grade: No| Colour: Black| Latex Free: Yes | Layers: 3

  • Soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Extra secure ear loops for a better fit.
  • Good for general mask use.
  • Not medical grade.

The Merrimen masks are comfortable to wear and their woven fabric makes them extra soft against the skin.

However, although these masks can be worn daily and then disposed of, they do not have the required filtration to be effective against virus particles.


8. Puratise

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Masks Per Pack: 50 | Medical Grade: Unclear| Colour: Blue | Latex Free: Yes | Layers: 3

  • Low priced masks.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Comfortable ear loop design.
  • Unclear on medical grading.

These Puratise masks are made in the UK can come with 3Ply layers of protection to effectively filter out particles.

These masks are also more affordable than some others and are comfortable to wear, however, there is conflicting information as to their exact level of medical grade and protection.


9. Orzly

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Masks Per Pack: 50 | Medical Grade: Yes | Colour: Blue/White/Pink/Yellow/Black | Latex Free: Yes | Layers: 3

  • 5 different colours to choose from.
  • Available for kids as well as for adults.
  • Completed sealed bags for no cross contamination.
  • More expensive.

Colourful and bright, these Orzly masks are eye-catching and great for all the family to wear.

They are fully defensive against virus transmission thanks to their 3ply protective layers, but these masks are more expensive than some of their nearest competitors.

10. Tanness

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Masks Per Pack: 50 | Medical Grade: No| Colour: Black | Latex Free: Yes | Layers: 3

  • Can be worn by both adults and children.
  • Arrives in a sealed bag for complete safety.
  • 3 layers of fabric protection.
  • Not medical grade.

The masks from Tanness have an attractive woven fabric design and are ideal for everyday disposable wear.

Their 3 layers help to filtrate a variety of pollution and particles, however they are not medical grade.