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Top 6 Face Visors Reviews 2021

Face shields extend all the way from the forehead and below the chin, so they provide extra protection against coronavirus if you wear them with a mask.

While they won’t protect you from all aerosols and droplets, they can reduce exposure by 96% as opposed to wearing no PPE equipment.

The CDC doesn’t recommend them for day to day activities, but if you often come into close contact with crowds, they can minimise your risk.

There are a few contradictory issues, though. Coronavirus lives on plastic better than it does porous materials like cotton, so your shield is only as effective as your sterilisation habits.

It needs frequent cleaning with antibacterial wipes or alcohol pads and should never be worn if damaged. Shields should be treated as additional protection, and never as a replacement for your mask.


#1: Straame Transparent Safety Face Shield



Click to view – Straame’s wide visor is designed for medical use, extending well beyond the sides of the face and chin.

It’s constructed from lightweight materials and is designed as a disposable product, hence its ultra-light price tag.

Disposable shields encourage better hygiene habits. You’re more likely to replace a damaged shield if it doesn’t cost the earth, and that’s one of the most important qualities in its efficacy.

The Straame visor is pliant enough to be folded up and placed in a handbag, so keep an extra replacement with you as you go about your day.

It’s the perfect item to throw into a bag for those unexpected moments when you need extra protection.


  • Economical price.
  • Made from light materials for extra comfort.
  • Extra wide film to extend your protection.


  • The visor is made from light materials that can be easily damaged.

#2: 1Above 5 Pack Plastic Face Visor


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1Above is a frequent flier in the PPE market for its high-quality protective equipment.

The 5 Pack visor offers full face protection, using eye frames to keep it in place across the ears.

That might render your traditional masks unwearable, so you may need to stock up with alternatives that tie around the head instead of behind the ears.

This particular shield is disposable with double-sided anti-fogging treatment to maintain clarity.

The visor is made from polyethene, with a protective film that can be sterilized. It has extra width and curves lightly around the sides of the face.

It’s shipped with a transparent film on either side, which makes it a great portable product that you can fold up and carry with you.

The shield is remarkably well priced and easy to sterilize. Its PET visor offers superb clarity.


  • Has an anti-fogging layer on both sides.
  • Fits comfortably around the ears instead of the head.
  • Goggle frames keep the visor securely in place.


  • Has an open front, which allows aerosol transmission above the forehead and beneath the chin.

#3: Eatasty Unisex Face Shield


View this product – Eatasty

Eatasty’s shield is built to last despite its disposable price.

It sacrifices some sheerness in order to achieve a sturdier, washable surface.

That comes at a cost to your comfort, but if you’re looking for value for money, you won’t do better. The visor is made from polycarbonate and is designed for a close fit.

It’s attached around the head rather than the ears, so it’s easy to wear with any mask design.

The forehead section is thick enough to hold the visor at a distance from the skin, so it’s ideal for those who wear glasses.

The product resists wind and can be bought in bulk if you’re looking for ways to save.

It clears the chin and is closed at the forehead for complete coverage.


  • Provides excellent protection above the forehead.
  • Made from high quality polycarbonate for durability and anti-fog properties.
  • Has extra width and side protection.


  • The visor lacks sheerness and may feel uncomfortable around the forehead.

#4: Faril Full Face Protective Shield


Click to view Faril Face Shields

Not all visors fit as snugly as intended, so Faril’s product is adjustable to any size.

The visor has a two-sided anti-fog lens and is built from transparent polyethene.

It fits the head with an eye frame and has a wrap-around design to protect you from side spray.

It’s a full-length shield, but it’s open at the top, which limits its protective powers.

The product arrives with protective film on both sides of the visor, so make sure you remove it before you wear it.


  • Has a pocket-friendly price that suits disposable usage.
  • Curves around the sides of the face for extra protection.
  • Fits around the ears via a glasses-like frame.


  • Ear support may not feel comfortable with a mask.

#5: H&S Professional Visor


H&S Visors is designed considerately to improve comfort.

Its goggle fit keeps the shield away from the face so that you can easily wear glasses at the same time.

The visor is constructed from transparent PVC, with an anti-fog layer to maintain excellent visibility.

The shield itself wraps around the sides, covering the face from the eyebrows down to the neck.

It’s soft enough to fold into your bag, so you can carry a spare in case your visor is unexpectedly damaged.


  • Constructed from ultra-sheer polyvinyl chloride.
  • Has an elastic fit and goggles for comfort.
  • Offers full face protection all the way down to the end of the neck.


  • This is an expensive product in comparison to the market’s average.

#6: Kmina Pro Face Shield Visor


The Kmina Pro is a disposable product with ventilation holes to encourage defogging.

Its demisting powers are limited to the top of the visor, but that provides plenty of visibility.

Each pack of five visors is sold with an optional foam rubber piece that can be worn with the mask to improve your comfort.

The visor clears the face widely enough for glasses and is fitted around the head instead of the ears.

That means you can easily wear a mask with ear loops.

The product’s head strap is adjustable and controls the tension of the shield.

Its manufacturers are located within the EU, so they’re held to stiff quality standards.

That translates into a relatively high price but also sturdy construction and excellent materials.


  • Can be adjusted to be worn by children.
  • Has a foam protector for comfortable use.
  • Is manufactured according to EU quality standards.


  • Lacks a defogging layer.

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