Best Reusable Face Mask Reviews

Top 8 Reusable Face Mask Reviews 2021

The CDC has done an about-turn on their claims that masks are ineffective.

The organisation now recommends masks, even among people who are asymptomatic.

Surgical masks have become an icon of our era. They limit aerosol and droplet dissemination, so they’ve become an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Their efficacy depends on their breathing resistance and porosity, though.

Everyday fabric masks prevent the wearer from spreading COVID-19 via droplet transmission, while surgical masks are aimed at aerosols as well.

N95 masks offer stricter protection, filtering 99% of droplets and particles.

#1: Protect Cover Bandana Balaclavas

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Cotton masks provide a level of comfort that few other fabrics can mimic, so it’s no surprise that 1Above’s two-ply product is at the top of Amazon’s review lists.

Its anti-fade dye can be washed without greying, and the slim earloops provide a subtle aesthetic.

The fabric is easy to breathe through, so if you’re looking for a mask to run or exercise in, you’ve met your match.


  • Breathable cotton sits flush against the face for comfort on hot days.
  • Stretchy fabric fits any size and shape.
  • Ear attachments are easy to remove


  • Two layers provide less protection than a three-ply or surgical product.

#2: 1Above Washable 100% Cotton Face Masks with Filters

1Above Face Mask Рclick to view 

1Above’s cotton mask relies on several layers of protection.

A nano microfiltration network is lined with a carbon-infused cloth and filter.

Non-woven fabric encloses the filtration system, with pure cotton fabric to provide comfort and a cool fit.

All those layers reduce porosity and improve efficacy.

While the science isn’t conclusive yet, carbon air filters might capture and kill coronavirus.

1Above’s product is one of the most comprehensive on the market. It’s been thoughtfully designed and created for the utmost protection.


  • 100% cotton is breathable and won’t encourage perspiration.
  • Functions with a removable filter with activated carbon, offering extra protection and fewer washes.
  • Straps adjust for a tighter or looser fit.


  • Several layers may be less breathable than traditional washable products.

#3: Annly Dinosaur Christmas Printed Ice Silk Face Covering

Annly Kids Masks

Annly’s anti-dust mask is styled just for children.

It’s made from polyester microfiber, which provides enough stretch for a snug fit.

It’s slide-resistant and is offered in a range of child-friendly patterns.

If you’re having trouble convincing your kids to wear their masks, Annly’s fun dinosaur and giraffe graphics might do the trick.

This design is effective at trapping water droplets and is light enough to keep children comfortable on hot days.


  • Polyester microfibre is soft against the skin and stretches for an easy fit.
  • Slide-resistance will keep the mask in place during playtime.
  • Dinosaur design appeals to little people.


  • Microfibre is a hot fabric that’s not ideal for summer days.

#4: Straame Unisex Black Dust Face Mask

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Straame’s polyurethane masks are designed to keep dust, pollen, and smoke out of your system.

If you suffer from asthma or hay fever, this is the perfect way to eliminate allergens from your life.

The mask fits around the ears, with seams that sit flush against the face.

The loops are built for width, providing a pain-free experience. It’s perfect for protecting you from traffic fumes while you’re running or cycling.


  • Thick ear loop adds extra comfort.
  • Stretchy, breathable polyurethane is breathable and flexible.
  • Doubled-up seem offers excellent longevity.


  • Designed to protect against allergens, but not viruses.

#5: Tingk Adult Washable Black Face Bandanas

See the Tingk Mask range here. You’ll see a lot of activated carbon filters on the market right now.

Carbon is known to absorb toxic particles, so it might one day prove to be effective at preventing virus transmission.

The science isn’t solid yet, but carbon is pocket-friendly, so it’s well worth the investment.

Tingk’s carbon filters are inserted into their face bandana, with a cotton layer against the skin for extra comfort.


  • Disposable carbon filters are inserted between cotton layers.
  • Fit snugly against the face with a high nose to prevent your glasses from fogging.
  • Fitted with comfy ear loops.


  • Requires disposable filters.

#6: DualVertex AntiPollution Mask

Dual Vertex – read the reviews

DualVertex’ anti-pollution mask is built to reduce your exposure to pollens and pollution.

The valve lets you breathe easily, making this an excellent exercise mask.

The product can be fitted with disposable filters for additional protection.

While it won’t do much for your COVID-19 risk, it’s just the product for outdoor exercise.


  • Filters and valves provide excellent breathability.
  • Cotton is cool during summer and won’t cause acne.
  • Adjustable ear loops.


  • Not effective at reducing aerosol and droplet transmission.

#7: Powr Unisex Cotton Face Covering

View Powr Face Masks here.

A mask with a valve is perfect for those who struggle to breathe in three-ply masks.

Powr’s latest offering is an anti-haze product designed to prevent your glasses from fogging.

It can filter particulate matter such as pollen and dust, so it’s ideal for those who need to cut down on their allergen exposure.


  • Adjustable ear straps and nose clip.
  • Breathable valve with disposable filters.
  • Porous cotton construction.


  • Offers no COVID-19 protection.

#8: Tingk Activated Carbon Bandanas

Check out the full Tingk range here.

Tingk’s activated carbon mask offers you five layers of protection, including a carbon filter and valve to let you breathe easily.

Its nonwoven layers reduce porosity, but the valve interferes with the blockage of droplets and aerosols.

It won’t provide coronavirus protection, but if you’re an allergy sufferer, it’s extremely efficient at filtering away allergens.


  • Adjustable ear strap
  • Five-ply filter with two nonwoven and one activated carbon layer.
  • Stylish anti-fog design.


  • Filters are disposable and will need to be replaced.